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We are now Red Arrow Hideaway!
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You are welcome to bring other craft items

Bring your quilting, knitting, beading or other craft with you….we’re your crafting destination!!



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We have installed new decking!

All along the front of the house by the front door from the pavers to the deck.
Now a nice place to sit & relax. See It Here!



What's Coming in May 2018


An important note of change to our clients and friends


Beginning in May 2018 Scrap & Spa will change its name and purpose as an ongoing business. Our new name will be Red Arrow Hideaway. The reason for this is simple, we have seen a marked change in the scrapbooking industry over the last 5-7 years. Big box stores have wiped out small scrap book stores and now even the big box stores have shrunk their selections as the digital scrapbooking march goes on, also eroding the craft itself. We have also seen a dramatic shrinking of the getaway market itself. Red Arrow Hideaway will still provide weekends for scrapbooking with spa services for our clients and friends as we have always done. But we will be more of a retreat getaway for others who wish to do so and want use the studio for other purposes or specialized crafts.

Also for people, families and private groups who wish to rent the property for a quiet getaway, or a women’s group getaway weekend in a great place and area not far from all that Southwestern Michigan has to offer. Going forward, all current and future reservations will be honored as is and we will continue to do so. Our new website, available in May 2018 “” will still have the same reservation features with spa selections as always for our clients that still use us as a Scrap & Spa getaway. While our name might be changing, the principals have not. We appreciate our longstanding and loyal clients and we remain committed to them as always but we are also opening new doors for other people to enjoy us and the area.

On a legal note, we will continue to own the name Scrap & Spa which is a federal trademark, and other monikers as service marks we use and own. We encourage you to keep making your reservations on as they and the calendars will be transferred to


You are welcome to take a sneak peak at While in the rough stages you'll see our new format.

No, we are not going anywhere, we are just changing our name to reflect the changing business climate we are in. 

More information coming soon!

Thank you for your continued patronage, we hope to see you soon!

Diane Anderson, Owner

Greg Anderson, Partner

Scrap & Spa LLC, All rights reserved 
Red Arrow Hideaway LLC, All rights reserved



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In our very relaxed and super casual enviroment.

Scrap or Craft!

Lots of paper to choose from and a well lit shop.

We are the 1st and oldest retreat

Started in 1997 we are in our 18th year!

So head on over!

Scrap, relax, have a glass a wine and enjoy S&S and southwestern Michigan!